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Alex Irvine. Supernatural - O diário de John Winchester (Portuguese Edition) Alex Irvine. Na noite de dois . Irvine ebook PDF download. Supernatural - O diário. Diario de John Winchester. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Il diario di Jhon Winchester. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. tm john r s cr. Sam and Dean Winchester know all the secrets their father recorded in his journal. Now you can, maltmagecapski.ga November 2, , Sam and Dean Winchester lost their.

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Diario De John Winchester Pdf

maltmagecapski.ga - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Diario de John Winchester - Alex maltmagecapski.ga Uploaded by. j,fgytfj. Latina Essentia - Preparação para o maltmagecapski.ga Uploaded by j, Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Diario de John Winchester. Uploaded . In progress photos from the Hunter's Journal I'm making for my Dean cosplay. It's supposed to be his personal journal rather than his father's. If you'd like to read.

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It came with lined paper as well as pages from John's journal. I can't wait to get the pages from Sammy and Dean's hunts. It's perfect the way it is. It is exactly what is describe in the info part and nothing more.

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Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. site Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. site Music Stream millions of songs. site Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Since John was already dead, Sam and Dean had to pay for his sin but the two killed the ghouls, finishing some of their father's work.

When the angel Anna goes back in time to kill a young John and Mary before their sons are born as it would supposedly stop the apocalypse from ever occurring John meets Dean and Sam, who traveled to stop Anna. He becomes aware of his wife's past life as a hunter, and is shocked people could raise their children to kill supernatural beings. The dramatic irony being that Dean and Sam know—and the audience—that John would eventually do the same.

Michael later explains to Dean that while he is his true vessel, every member of Dean's family can be so which is how he was able to possess his father. John and Mary's memories of the night are erased by Michael. A Cupid is later revealed to have been behind John and Mary's union and that it was ordered by the "higher-ups". However, the angel also added that he can only bring the two lovers together; the love they feel afterwards is completely of their own volition.

When Adam is resurrected, he mentions that he never saw John as his father but admits he would have settled for anything.

Sam tried to defend John's choices to his brother but couldn't get through to him. Sam and Dean learn the truth about John's father Henry Winchester 's disappearance along with the fact that John tortured a demon who worked for Abaddon and that he learned from the demon that Abaddon is a Knight of Hell. Sam also becomes more accepting of John's way of raising them, knowing that he did the best he could, but the brothers are left wondering how their lives would have been different if Henry had been there to raise John.

Dean initially resented Henry in John's stead for not properly being there for his son, despite it not being his fault. Henry was also initially disgusted that John was a hunter rather than one of the Men of Letters , but came to be proud of John after seeing how he raised Sam and Dean.

Henry also tried to return to the past and be with his son when reading his journal but Dean stopped him and forgave him once he saw he was wrong to misjudge him. Dean is approached by Crowley to help locate the First Blade which Crowley could only find one demon that knew about it: Checking John's journal and his lock-up , Dean and Crowley learn that John worked a case with a hunter named Tara where they did interrogate and exorcise a demon who knew about the Blade, but find no further information in John's files.

Latina Essentia - Preparação para o Latim.pdf

Finding Tara, they learn that she and John apparently had a sexual relationship as well as a professional one and that John never believed the demon about the Blade, thinking it was just lying to get out of being exorcised.

However, Tara had started searching for the Blade and she is able to give Dean and Crowley their first clue on where to look. She also indicates to Dean that she believes that John would be disgusted with him for working with Crowley despite the necessity of the situation. In Baby , a being takes on the form of a young John Winchester to speak to Sam in his dreams. As Dean fills Mary in on everything she's missed in the past 33 years, she asks about John.

Dean tells Mary that John died trading himself for Dean which Mary tearfully admits sounds like something John would do. She is also shocked to learn that John ended up being a hunter and trained Sam and Dean as one. After being brought to the Impala in the Men of Letters bunker , Mary recognizes it as John's car and stares into the backseat with a smile, clearly remembering fun times she had with John there.

Diario de John Winchester | PDF Flipbook

In Mamma Mia , Mary tells Dean she had a lot of dreams about the times she had with John and that he was a good father. Dean later tells Mary that after she died, the hunting life consumed John along with the need to find answers to what happened to her and it changed him.

In Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell , Dean uses a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat on a hunt that once belonged to John. Returning to the Bunker, Dean comments "man, Dad really loved this thing.

In The British Invasion , Mary is shown to be in possession of a golden ring , presumably the one John kept, given that Dean had given Mary many of John's possessions. She also informs Mary of John's actions following her death, something Mary wasn't aware of previously and calls the way John treated his sons "practically child abuse. After Dean makes his wish, the brothers are attacked by a figure while the bunker goes on high alert.

The figure threatens them before it is revealed to be John who was summoned from the past because of Dean's desire. John believes it is before he learns he was pulled sixteen years into the future. John has his sons update him on the situation, as they mention The Apocalypse , God , Angels , and their men of letters legacy through Henry. John is amused to hear these tales and expressed pride in his sons in their endeavors.

John is then reunited with a resurrected Mary Winchester and they share a loving embrace. Afterwards Sam and Dean tell him of how time is changing, due to John being taken out of the timeline.

John accepts that the only way to fix the situation is to send him back. He shares a family meal with his loved ones and is happy at the chance to do so. Once Sam destroys the treasure, John disappears back to and wakes up in the Impala. He gets a call from the Dean of that year and believed the events were a dream, before telling Dean that he's coming home.

Though John was sent back to the past, it is hinted that he still remembers everything and is pleased with the outcome. In Absence , Castiel is allowed to visit Heaven after Mary's death and discovers that she is at peace in a special Heaven with John.

John appears in a flashback during Mary's hunter's funeral to the family dinner the Winchesters shared when John was pulled to John was an ordinary child up until his father Henry Winchester 's disappearance. What became of John after that moment is never specified, though he likely hardened from the lack of his real father.

As part of the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, John was undoubtedly a capable fighter by that point, strong and fearless though he retained, at least until Mary's death, a gentle, loving heart. He moved to Lawrence seeking a better and more stable life, and he became devoted to Mary, even though her parents were against the match.

John was naive to the supernatural world and despite marrying a hunter, he never learned what lurked in the shadows until Mary's deal with Azazel led Azazel to come into their home one night.

Mary was set ablaze on the ceiling of Sam's nursery and John's life was forever changed. Many of John's friends have described this period as difficult and rough for John, who had two young sons to tend to. Without a home, he relied on old friends for shelter until he picked up the habit of living on the road or in cheap motels.

John Winchester

He was regarded as deluded and a little disturbed during this time, as John was beginning to find out about the supernatural. His years as a soldier helped to prepare John a bit in what he had to face, and he was able to train his sons to become skilled and tactical fighters.


However, coupled with the loss of his wife and the stress of dealing with monsters on a regular basis as well as his desire to avenge Mary at all costs made him neglect the boys. He also put high expectations on his elder son, turning Dean into the perfect little soldier who was to protect Sam at all costs. John was aware of his neglect, and he may have tried to compensate by shielding his sons from most of the things he hunted.

Diario de John Winchester

Although John expected Sam and Dean to be ready to face a few horrors, Sam and Dean were nevertheless left in the dark about many creatures.

John's head strong personality, molded from his years of killing and hiding and searching for Azazel, made it hard for him to form any lasting relationships. John's two lovers, Tara and Kate, rarely heard from him again after their hook up. Bobby Singer, a close friend and occasional caretaker of Sam and Dean, wanted to shoot John dead with a shotgun over an unspecified offense. Other friends of John also became distant, leading to years of no contact. Eventually, John found out about Azazel, about a weapon that could kill the demon , and some of the demon's plans.

John's wish to foil the demon's plans drove John to want Sam dead should Sam become evil, eventually passing it on as a final order to his good son Dean and putting a wedge in the brothers' relationship. John was, for most of his life, met with misfortune that could easily have turned John into a self-loathing and self-deprecating man.

He had few friends he could share secrets with, and for the most part John lived a rather lonesome life filled with nightmares come to life.

His dream of a happy family, which he could not have in his childhood, was never made real for more than a few years and Mary, the love of his life, was forever gone after her demise for the rest of John's life.

During his brief reunion with his family, John was very happy to be with his sons again and expressed pride in them for saving the world when told of their exploits. He was also happy to learn that his father did not truly abandon him and seemed content to learn of his legacy as Men of Letters. However, the thing that really elated him was being with Mary again and he shared a loving embrace with her.

As noted by his sons, John was more happy than they ever saw at dinner, most likely because he had his whole family with him. Though he forgot the event after returning to the past, John could not help but crack a smile at the experience and implied he believed it occurred. John Winchester's early years as a hunter were murky and vaguely represented in the series. However, a lot of other hunters, including veteran ones like Bobby Singer , all refer to John as a highly skilled and capable hunter, at least during his latter years as a hunter.

Sam and Dean stated that it was very rare only happening once for sure that a monster survived an encounter with John. He was also noted for being able to find ways to kill things that had no apparent weaknesses: How he determined this is unknown as he never actually killed the creature.

Despite this, John had a very impressive command of lore to the point that many times Sam and Dean consult his journal as their first source of information.

Several times it alone has proven to be enough for them to identify a creature and how to kill it. In The Rising Son , John's journal displayed knowledge of the Shedim , extremely obscure monsters that very few were aware even existed. The journal showed that John was aware of the Princes of Hell too despite all of the Princes being believed to be long-dead.

As well, John knew enough to list in his journal that there were only four Princes of Hell. However, by Trial and Error , Sam considers Dean the best hunter there is, saying that he is better than Sam and even better than John at both lore and physically hunting monsters.

In Lebanon , when pulled into the future, John was able to overpower both Sam and Dean, though he had taken them by surprise and also used a shotgun he was carrying as a melee weapon.

This is still notable, due to the brothers' increased experience at the time. Despite his impressive knowledge of lore, John possessed gaps in his knowledge.

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